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LinkedInOVERVIEWTREATMENTSPECIALISTInfrequent, irregular or difficult evacuation of the bowels.Common CausesCommon CausesConstipation is not always related to an underlying condition. It may be caused by:Insufficient quantities of fiber and water in mealsChanges in diet or normal activitiesPhysical inactivityHolding stool for long periods even with the urgeDrugs such as narcotics, antidepressants, and anti- acids (especially those rich in Ca and Al)Related ConditionsRelated ConditionsSometimes constipation may signify an underlying health condition. These conditions include:Irritable bowel syndromeVery commonA chronic gastrointestinal disorder that affects the large intestine causing diarrhea, abdominal pain, cramps, bloating and fartulence.Symptoms may include:Abdominal discomfort or painExcess gasDiarrhea alternating with constipationHypothyroidismCommonA condition resulting from decreased production of thyroid hormones. The symptoms vary between individuals.Symptoms may include:Weight gainIncreased sensitivity to coldConstipationAnal fissureCommonA small tear in the lining of the anus that may cause pain and bleeding with bowel movements. Usually causes because of constipation or passing large and hard stools.Symptoms may include:ConstipationPain during bowel movementsItching or irritation around the anusBowel obstructionCommonAn obstruction in the small or large intestine, causing difficulty in passing digested material normally through the bowel.Symptoms may include:Abdominal painConstipationBloatingColon cancerCommonCancer that begins in the last part of the digestive tract-colon (large intestine).Symptoms may include:Change in bowel habitsDiarrhea/constipationBlood in stoolWhat are the treatment options?What specialists to consult?When to see a doctor?For informational purposes only. Consult a medical professional for advice.Reviewed by a panel of doctors. Source: Focus Medica. Learn moreSee moreWas this helpful?Start Health

Details: Content medically reviewed byDr. Karthikeya T MMD, Internal MedicineView full profile onLinkedInOVERVIEWTREATMENTSPECIALISTInfrequent, irregular or difficult evacuation of the bowels. causes of constipation in elderly

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Constipation Relief: How To Get Rid of Constipation

Details: WebAccording to the National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse, part of the National Institutes of Health, constipation is a condition in which you have fewer than three … immediate relief for severe constipation

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Can You Cure Constipation Without Laxatives?

Details: WebConstipation, usually defined as having fewer than three bowel movements per week, is the most frequent gastrointestinal complaint. Researchers have found … problems caused by constipation

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Constipation treatment near North Bergen, NJ

Details: WebAllergy & Immunology, Internal Medicine. 14. 38 Years Experience. 617 79th St, North Bergen, NJ 07047 0.14 miles. Dr. Rudys graduated from the Lithuanian University of … constipation when to worry

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Constipation Patient Education

Details: WebInsoluble fiber helps speed up the transit of food in the digestive tract and helps prevent constipation. Good sources of insoluble fiber include whole grains, most vegetables, … mayo clinic constipation remedies

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5 Tips to Relieve Pregnancy Constipation UNM Health Blog

Details: WebIf constipation is cramping your style, talk with your doctor. Here’s a quick list of five ways to help prevent and treat pregnancy constipation, get those bowels moving … constipation treatments

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‎THE BETTER BELLY PODCAST - Natural Constipation

Details: Web‎Show THE BETTER BELLY PODCAST - Natural Constipation Remedies, Bloat Relief, Gut Health, Functional Medicine, Ep 144// End Constipation Naturally on a Restricted Diet … can constipation cause tiredness

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